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Just yesterday, an article on Superhero Hype gave some interesting news:

Several months ago Sucker Punch alum and Hunger Games star Jena Malone was seen visiting the set of Batman v Superman. Many thought this meant she was in the film but others wrote it off as her just meeting her old friend & director of Sucker Punch Zack Snyder. Well recently she revealed to US Magazine that she had dyed her hair a bright orange. Then some news website put two-and-two together that the actress maybe playing Carrie Kelley from Mark Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. While this was a complete stretch to think that this was the case a grad student and extra on the film just recently leaked info to a local Michigan news station that a female Robin will indeed appear in the film.
This was quickly dismissed as an extra getting his 5-mintues of fame for "leaking" information on the film. Well now The Wrap has been informed this grad student is possibly being sued for $5 Million Dollars by breaching his Non-Disclosure Agreement with WB. Could what he have said is true? It certainly seems that way because later today The Hollywood Reporter went onto confirm Jena Malone will indeed appear in the film but it's unknown as to which character:
"Jena Malone is in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cast...whether or not she is playing a female version of Batman’s erstwhile sidekick Robin, remains close to the Bat-chest."
It's still unclear who Jena Malone is playing but one thing is for sure.....she will be in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Oh hell yeah! This is some exciting news for Batman fans, especially Dark Knight Returns fans. I know that there has always been speculation that Carrie Kelley (Robin) will appear in the Batman v Superman movie, even on Moviepilot they had fan castings, but now this is the real deal! We could be getting our beloved Carrie Kelly in 2016, or it could be another character, but it seems like fingers are pointing to Kelly. Jena dying her hair orange, an extra saying see is and being sued for it and the fact she is being in the movie seems like fingers pointing. It certainly would be a smart move in my book by Warner Bros. to add the female Robin, especially if Jena Malone is going to play her, but there is always that stupid chance that they don't and just get people hyped up for nothing.

Carrie Kelley in The Dark Knight Returns
Carrie Kelley in The Dark Knight Returns

If you don't know much about Carrie Kelley (Robin) from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, here is a little description and origin of her:

Caroline "Carrie" Keene Kelly was just thirteen years old when she was rescued by Batman from a merciless gang of street thugs. The girl idolized the Dark Knight, and secretly spent her lunch money to buy a costume in the hopes of one day catching her hero's attention, in order to become his sidekick. Armed with a slingshot and firecrackers, Carrie targeted con men, and eventually crossed paths with her idol. After saving Batman during a vicious fight with a gang known as The Mutants, the Dark Knight accepted her as the new Robin.

Another thing is (mentioned by commentors) that Carrie should not be the first Robin to appear in the DCCU. It would be exciting if she was in Batman v. Superman, but then what will DC do? I think it would be smarter going with Dick Grayson or Jason Todd like people are saying, but either way I think it will be great to have any Robin (just my opinion). Just don't jack things up Warner Brothers!

Are you excited by this news? Are you disappointed that anything isn't fully confirmed yet (I know I am)? Well tell me in the comments below, take that poll and follow me for more CRAVE articles and 'Super' news! Thanks for reading and be smart Warner Brothers!


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