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Here we go again ladies and gentlemen with the 26th CRAVE article: The Captain America Villains we CRAVE! This is a way over due article, so thank you guys for voting for it and for all the support. Thank you a ton!

Anyway, this list consists of villains, most notably associated with Captain America, who I and most of you guys would want to see in Captain America 3 and beyond. So, lets unroll our American flag, get our shield up and start this all American (well not really) list!

Baron Zemo

Now Baron Zemo's origins and description is majorly complicated and differs over time. This is because there have been 13 different Zemos:

Harbin Zemo - The first Baron Zemo who was around in 1480.

Hademar Zemo - The second Baron Zemo who was the son of Harbin Zemo and the greediest of the Zemos. He was killed by the guards (acting under Heller Zemo's orders) at his inauguration.

Heller Zemo - The third Baron Zemo who was the son of Hademar Zemo and the most progressive of the Zemos.

Herbert Zemo - The fourth Baron Zemo who was the son of Heller Zemo. He was assassinated by his own generals.

Helmuth Zemo - The fifth Baron Zemo who was the son of Herbet Zemo. He was assassinated by a time-displaced Helmut Zemo.

Hackett Zemo - The sixth Baron Zemo who was the son of Helmuth Zemo.

Hartwig Zemo - The seventh Baron Zemo who was the son of Hackett Zemo.

Hilliard Zemo - The eighth Baron Zemo who was the son of Hartwig Zemo.

Hoffman Zemo - The ninth Baron Zemo who was the son of Hilliard Zemo.

Hobart Zemo - The tenth Baron Zemo who is the son of Hoffman Zemo.

Herman Zemo - The eleventh Baron Zemo who is the son of Hobart Zemo.

The two most popular are Heinrich (1st) and Helmut Zemo (13th). In this article I will be referring more to Helmut Zemo.

Zemo's legacy was revived by his son, Helmut J. Zemo, 13th Baron Zemo who was born in Leipzig, Germany. His father taught him the idea that the Master Race should rule the world. Helmut was originally an engineer until he became enraged when reading a report about the return of Captain America. Helmut would ultimately follow in his father's footsteps as a supervillain using his family's money and his own scientific know-how to recreate his father's work.
He first surfaced under the alias of The Phoenix, and captured Captain America to get revenge upon him for the death of his father. He was presumed deceased when he fell into a vat of boiling, specially-treated Adhesive X. As he had not been wearing his mask when he fell into the vat, his face was hideously scarred by the boiling Adhesive X, giving his face the appearance of molten wax.
He resurfaced years later as Baron Zemo, first allied with Arnim Zola's mutates. He allied with Primus I, and kidnapped Captain America's childhood friend Arnold Roth in order to lure Captain America into a trap. He forced the Captain to battle hordes of mutates before revealing that he knew the Captain's secret identity.

Now to most people and me, any of the Baron Zemo's are the obvious choice for Captain America 3. I'm sure some people are wondering why he is even in this list since I tend to stay away from the "obvious choice." But, there is no obvious choice for Captain America 3 now that Iron Man is in it. So, I have no clue what is going down in Captain America 3, but what ever does happen, Baron Zemo should be in it. Most preferably Helmut Zemo, because to me he is the coolest looking Zemo and the most bad-a**. But, Marvel needs to know that just because Iron Man is in the movie, that doesn't mean a villain like Zemo shouldn't be in it as well! But, I could understand if Marvel doesn't want to add him in just yet and go with their story line that got going on with...


Young Brock Rumlow led the Savage Crims gang on New York's lower east side. After he assaulted fifteen year old Rachel Leighton, two of her brothers assaulted Brock, and the elder brother was killed. Rumlow fled, entering Taskmaster's school for criminals. Within three years, he became an instructor there under the name Bingo Brock.
As a mercenary, Rumlow enlisted with Albert Malik, the communist Red Skull, in Algeria, serving him under the name Frag until he was sent to invade Arnim Zola's Switzerland chateau. Ultimately the only team member to survive the assault, Rumlow there met and impressed the original Nazi Red Skull, Johann Schmidt; this Skull accepted Brock's services, code-naming him Crossbones.

I was really happy when I saw Brock Rumlow in Captain America: The Winter Solider, and in the end when he is shown badly burned and carried away in an ambulance, they hint at his return. Obviously they wouldn't put an oxygen mask on a dead guy, so that means he is alive and probably wanting major revenge. Which can be depicted in Captain America 3! Not only does he smoothly fit in with the next movie, Crossbones is one of the ultimate, coolest assassins in the Marvel universe, so he defiantly deserves some spotlight as his masked self. But, if he appears in Captain America 3, he shouldn't be featured alongside Baron Zemot. This is because Crossbones does not go along with a villain like Zemo, but rather with a villain like...

Red Skull

I don't think an origin and description is necessary for this character, mainly because it's way too long, and because many people I know already really want to see more of Hugo Weaving's Red Skull. Most people (and myself) were fooled into thinking Red Skull was going to be in Captain America: The Winter Solider as Alexander Pierce, but that ended up not being the case. But, I'm still a believer that he is alive and would some how come back in Captain America 3 to team up with Crossbones and cause the death of Captain America. That's what most people thought, but like I said, Iron Man is now in the film, so anything could happen. But, lets hope we still get one of these three villains in Captain America 3 or in the future!

Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? Do you just want Iron Man to be the villain in Captain America 3 to cause the Civil War? Well, tell me in the comments below, take them polls, and follow me for more CRAVE articles and 'Super' news! Thanks for reading!

The next CRAVE article: The Green Arrow Villains we CRAVE! Will be coming soon, so get ready to load your quivers!



Herr Kleiser

Arnim Zola


Jack O'Lantern (Don't know if Marvel or Sony owns him)


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