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The film industry of the West African country of Nigeria began in the mid-to-late 1990s, but the production values of many of the industry's early films were not like the film industry of Hollywood or India's Bollywood. It's because cheap video cameras became widely available, so they can make a movie simply using crude film recording technology. However, when hi-tech filmmaking equipment became available for the first time in Nigeria, it became home to one of the largest film industries in the world, and it became popularly known as "Nollywood", making thousands of films per year.

In 2003, Nigerian director Farouk Ashu-Brown wanted to cash-in on the box office success of James Cameron's 1998 classic Titanic by making a movie known as Masoyiyata Titanic (My Beloved Titanic). The film is centered around a teenage Nigerian girl named Binta who finds romance on board the Titanic as she wants to marry the cold-hearted Abdul, but her father wants her to marry the charming Zayyad.

The film took place in the year the Titanic sank, but it was not historically accurate; people were wearing modern clothing, and, despite how the film was "dedicated to all the Africans that died on the Titanic", only one African person had died when the Titanic sank. Much like how filmmakers like Turkey's Çetin İnanç or Italy's Bruno Mattei stole various footage from other people's movies, Masoyiyata Titanic steals footage from the higher-budgeted Hollywood blockbuster that inspired it. When you see stolen footage of the Titanic sinking (presumably), you can literally see the word "Nigeria" superimposed onto the ship in a really choppy editing job! The film's quality also looks like something from 1989 despite being from 2003; again, this was filmed on a VHS tape. The film also includes a Hausa-language version of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On", which was the most famous song from Titanic. The version used on Masoyiyata Titanic also had completely different lyrics, and it was sung in a rather high-pitched voice.

I think the film was a rather impressive effort. How about you?


What are your thoughts on Masoyiyata Titanic?


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