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Rowan Odom

To explain what I meant by the title, Suicide Squad is the name of a movie that Warner Bros is releasing in August based on the DC comic book in 2016 and that DC might as well be committing suicide with this one. First of all, I think [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) does have potential to be an amazing movie and a breakout hit like Guardians Of The Galaxy but Marvel didn't do Iron Man then did [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), because at least some people have heard the name Iron Man by then and Marvel waited a long enough time to put Guardians Of The Galaxy as the 9th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now if you really look at it, Guardians Of The Galaxy didn't succeed because it looked good, but because it had the Marvel name attached to it, if the movie would have never had the Marvel logo or name on it, the movie probably wouldn't have made nearly as much money as it is making right now.

DC is making a terrible decision by putting [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) in March, then Suicide Squad in August, the dates should be switched around on that one, because Batman V. Superman would fit right in with the summer movie scene. Also, "Suicide Squad" doesn't sound like a family movie that parents would bring their children to, and sounds less profitable. Suicide Squad should come out not even in 2016, it should come out in 2017 or 2019 with the same year as a Justice League movie is being released because then the DC logo and name would still be with the general public's heads so they will see the logo, see that it is the same universe as the Justice League and flock to go see it. However, they should at least rename the movie to something like "Harley Quinn And The Suicide Squad" or just focus most of the marketing on saying that Harley is in the movie but I honestly think a Batman movie should come out before Suicide Squad because that way we can introduce Joker, bring in Harley Quinn and set up Suicide Squad.

Do you think DC is smart by releasing Suicide Squad just a few months after Batman V. Superman? Do you think it will fail? Let me know in the comments below!


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