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Gal Gadot officially signs for 3 roles as Wonder Woman. With the recent announcements confirmed and her own solo Wonder Woman movie, it can be officially said Gal Gadot is our new cinematic Wonder Woman! Lynda Carter it is time to pass the crown, you have held onto so long.

As this news has made it rounds around on the internet, the uproar from fanboys and girls flooded the web once again. Ranting on why she had already ruined the character before seeing the movie. So the two big questions I ask are:

Why are fanboys and girls already condemning Gal Gadot’s ability to play [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)?

Secondly, what truly qualifies her for this role?

Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman
Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman

First off I will be the first to admit. I went crazy last year when it was first announced she would be playing Wonder Woman. I too had a very simplistic expectation of what I wanted out of my Wonder Woman. A built woman with natural bust and waist size that fits an ideal Amazonian. Seriously one of the only things I could see that was wrong with the casting call and it fueled my distaste for her getting the role. So after a few weeks of hating on her I decided I needed to take a step back and realize we as fans have been proven wrong time and time again with our DC casting calls. I honestly have not watched many movies with Gal Gadot so her acting was not a consideration for me, I knew nothing about her skills, and I was just repeating the same negative opinions that still circulate today. That had to change.

So why have so many fans condemned Gal Gadot to failure? As I go back into past threads, articles, and tweets. The trend I noticed most was fans had two main reasons and/or random reason why she will not be great for the character.

1. Her Bust Size
2. Her Waist Size
3. Other reasons such as: acting ability, Linda Carter was better, too small etc.

Pretty much what everyone (including myself) was spewing last December with the original announcement, just some fans still have yet to hop off that bandwagon. The issue is, if we stuck by that argument, to quote Gal Gadot:

“….Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I’d really go ‘by the book’, it’d be problematic.”

She may not have the most natural body that Wonder Woman fans adorn or bust size to match Lynda Carters but why are we so concerned with that?

Fans, we honestly should be disappointed in ourselves for having our expectations so low. We finally get our girl on big screen, even her own movie and we are worried about her curves verse what she stands for and how she will be written. What our expectations should be is an actress who can portray the ideals of Wonder Woman as a heroine fighting for justice, love, peace, and sexual equality. Actors and actress are known to be able to change and mold to fit their characters, Christian Bale is a perfect example; his character of Batman vs the character Trevor Reznik in The Machinist. That is what makes a great actor and actress is the ability to blend into many roles. Till Dawn of Justice is released, we need to stop being so negative towards Gal Gadot.

Things we over look in Gal Gadot Qualifications:

1. Her ability to act/skills/training (Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, etc.)
2. Pervious acting experience in action movies
3. Modeling
4. Athletic trainer
5. She auditioned for the role beating out other actresses that were being considered
6. She is lean, toned, and muscular (just not bulky)
7. Oh yea and served in the Israeli Defense Force

Honestly acting career aside this girl sounds pretty amazing. She definitely embodies many characteristics of Wonder Woman and as Zach Snyder said there was just something about her charm with in the role. I am excited to hopefully see what he saw in her, reflected on the big screen. For that I am staying optimistic and actually looking forward to our new cinematic heroine. I think many of us will be pleasantly surprised by her performance.

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