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Robert Rodriguez's third (possibly the best/cheesiest) installment of his grindhouse-genre Machete series might just never happen. He, along with his affiliated companies, have filed a lawsuit claiming he never received a 7.7 million dollar payment due him from making both SIn City 2: A Dame to Kill For and Machete Kills.

The suit claims breach of contract and fraud, and seeks unspecified damages and a jury trial.

According to the suit, Rodriguez never received money promised by a host of investors and ended up footing some of the bill for Machete Kills out of his own pocket.

According to Hollywood trade Variety;

The suit was filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court by Rodriguez and his affiliate companies against Sergei Bespalov, Marina Bespalov, Maddartico, Vrelonovama, Aldamisa Entertainment and SC2 Productions. - Defendants, including, specifically, Sergei Bespalov, falsely assured and represented to Plaintiffs that Defendants had more than sufficient financial resources and cash flow – not only from and related to the Pictures, but also from other projects – to honor all of their financial obligations to Plaintiffs.”

Check out the trailer and the all-star (maybe) cast.


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