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As soon as Frank begins immediately we have the feeling that we are about to see something a little different. And different is exactly the word that best describes this film, only by the fact that the main character uses a giant cardboard head.

Jon, very well performed by Domhnall Gleeson, is an aspiring musician in search of inspiration to create new songs, but every time he tries, nothing seems to work. In a lucky day (he thought) he is unexpectedly invited to join a band, which urgently needs a keyboardist since the one from the band had a severe psychotic attack. So Jon becomes part of the bizarre "Soronprfbs", a band where all the members are more than just peculiar. Even with the difficulty that Jon has in connecting with the members of the band initially, he has big plans for the future and seriously believe that together they can become a great and famous band.

Michael Fassbender is a terrific actor and here, as Frank (unrecognizable), he once again proves that even when using a giant cardboard head throughout the film he can be absolutely amazing! His body language, his way of being able to talk and show the absolute madness of a man who we apparently find funny, that over the time we come to realize that he suffers from a serious mental illness, pacified and controlled by the love he has for music. Maggy Gyllenhaal, very tough and scowling has a performance that also deserves a lot of attention.

With much irony to the mix, Frank turns out to be an honest portrayal of what mental illness is and the insecurity of those who are not comfortable in their own skin. The character Frank flees away from what he truly is and the only way he can feel good on his own skin is by using the cardboard head. Also turns out to explore what each individual considers as art form, and the idea that ​​being famous brings happiness, which most times is totally wrong.

Frank is a fun and different film that can not please all, derived to some moments that can ve a little crazy and it also can leave some questions unexplained in the air.

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