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There's no telling what kind of man this boy grew up to be from Tobe Hooper's 1981 classic The Funhouse. One of the first scenes of the film introduces us to little Joey's room on a dark and mild Friday night perhaps and it appears as if he is some type of silent stalker from the first person point of view. However it's not long before we see this prowler is up past his bedtime and harmlessly up to no good.

Or how about Mark from 1979’s Salem’s Lot. What a disappointment he is to his dad, an accountant I believe, who just can’t figure out why his son is so infatuated with the horror universe. Yet he seems like a stand up kid who wouldn’t dare harm anybody even if he tried.

This third boy featured in Creepshow and Creepshow 2 looks like he was pulled right out of the church choir. He’s just an innocent young boy who wants to enjoy his childhood, right?

After taking a look in his room, we see the same sort of infatuation with the dark and wonder how it’s not frightening him to death every night all alone in there.

1986’s Trick or Treat features a high-schooler obsessed with a musician in particular, but it still exemplifies the weak, helpless adolescent being allured by the dark. My impression of Eddie, the teenage protagonist is that he is going through a rough stretch as a teen and the only one that understands what he feels is rocker Sammi Curr.

The boy with glasses in The Gate (1987) looks no older than 11 yet he trembles not in the face-melting metal of Sacrifyx and Venom. You can tell that he doesn’t have that many friends but he’s found something in this music that most normal kids his age would avoid for at least a few more years.

The point here is that it’s easy to see a trend among these boys. Somewhere along the way they were allured by the dark and it could be for various reasons, but it’s hard to put into words this iconic figure that can be seen all across the horror universe. Reminds me of the father of lies. He can appear innocent yet when you least expect it, you will be deceived. Never underestimate that boy who follows the left-hand path and if your son or daughter becomes one of these, don’t make them mad.


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