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Welcome everyone to my second weekly review and recap of The Walking Dead where I'm going to break down 3 goods and 3 bads from every episode! Please beware if you haven't been keeping up with [The Walking Dead](series:201193) up until the current season (5) and episode (2) you may see spoilers! Let's not waste any time because we have quite a bit to talk about this week!

The Bads

3. It was Slow....

Now, this isn't something new that The Walking Dead has had a problem with. Usually episodes are totally epic, or have great character moments and are occasionally unbearable. After the premiere was explosive (See premiere review here) they tried to slow things down and give us some character interaction.

Problem was that a lot of the character interactions didn't pay off as much. Darryl and Carol wasn't anything special, Tara apologizing to Rick and Beth didn't seem necessary anymore and Bob and Sasha's romance felt forced.

2. Swampy Walkers?

The gang goes for a good ol' supply run where walkers seemed to have fallen through the floor and pretty much created some sort of swampy sewer thing. Guess what? That's where all the food is. Anyone remember the season 4 premiere when they had to go to a store and the walkers starting falling from the ceiling? It's like they tried to do the same thing except the walkers we're all moldy basically.

The reason this scene upset me is because it basically feels like it was thrown in there for the sake of having the group kill some walkers. Sure, it showed more of Father Gabriel being a pussy but what was the point? Not much. Seemed pretty routine for The Walking Dead.

1. What about Bob?

Get it? See what I did there? Ah, it's the simple things in life that entertain the most sometimes. Anyways, the most shocking moment of the episode was the final 2 minutes when Bob walked outside of the church to cry and was knocked out. He wakes up to find out that Gareth is still alive from Terminus and he's angry. Gareth gives Bob a little monologue about how they became hunters and don't eat other people for enjoyment. Finally, we realize one of Bob's legs is missing and THEY ARE EATING IT IN FRONT OF HIM! WTF?

Sure, this is CRAZY but my biggest problem with this is Bob is probably one of the characters I care the least about. He isn't someone I hate like I did Lori, or Andrea but he's barely been given any time to grow on us. Is this the moment we are supposed to really care about him? Is this little romance with Sasha something to win us over? Right now I don't care. If you REALLY want to scare us? Take a limb off someone we love like a Maggie, a Glenn or a Michonne.

I won't complain forever let's jump to the goods!

The Goods

3. New Goal!

Most of the episode we saw Abraham try to rally some of the group behind his cause and head to Washington. Seemed like no one really cared for his plan besides him. Once the group was able to relax in the shelter and enjoy some food Abraham gave a toast.

The toast was to the entire group for being survivors. Just when you thought Abraham was having a genuine moment of life appreciation he swung it back towards having the group accompany him with Eugene to Washington to "cure" this problem.

Rick's group finally agreed and the good news is we have an actual goal of the series. The goal for the first 4 seasons was simply to build a colony and survive. Rick probably realized that between the farm, prison and Terminus that they need to stay on the road. I enjoy when shows have longterm goals besides survival. Let's see where this mission takes them!

2. Carl Mini-Detective/ Rick is Leader Again

I enjoyed a couple of little things this episode I decided to merge into one of my three points. During Rick's supply run, Carl discovers some things about the church and Father Gabriel. Carl finds scratch marks and a message carved into the outer walls that reads "You Will Burn for This". Maybe Father Gabriel isn't the greatest man in the world and through some mini-detective skills Carl was able to discover that Rick's suspicions may be correct.

I enjoyed this because Carl seems to be another character a lot of fans seem to hate on. I personally never understood why. He's a child in a group where everyone else his age dies or goes missing THEN dies. I'd be pissy too. This showed that perhaps he's picking up on Rick's former cop skills and noticing the little things.

Lastly, I enjoyed the fact that Rick is fully back as the leader. He's not just bossing people around because he's entitled. Rick is trusted by everyone with the group. Whenever Abraham tried to bring some followers with him many turned to Rick because he's always had a plan. Rick being in charge and humbled is my favorite Rick so far.

1. Gareth is Back!

I know we just saw Gareth last week but I was afraid the show runners would pull the same move they did with the Governor and have him disappear for 4-5 episodes before seeking revenge. They did something even better. They made you wait all episode and just when you thought they wouldn't come back then BAM they leave you clawing for more in the final scene.

One of the problems I had with previous episode was the lack of Gareth. Sure, we were only given one scene this week but it was a great one. Gareth gives this cold and an almost restrained-insanity-like monologue. He tries to justify why they eat fellow humans and you think he's going to kill Bob, we get something worse. The reveal that not only did they remove one of Bob's legs but that he eats it right in front of Bob's face. DAMN IT GAVE ME CHILLS!

What did you guys think though? Was this an entertaining follow up to last week's premiere or was it boring as hell to you? Please comment below so we can discuss! Thanks for reading and have a tremendous day!

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