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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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This season of American Horror Story is about celebrating the unusual, the strange, the difference. Freak Show's motto is Wir Sind Alle Freaks - German for 'We Are All Freaks' - and it's true. There is no normal, and that's a beautiful thing.

Plenty of the 'freaks' in Freak Show are recurring cast members with prosthetics, but the most amazing cast members come as they are. Meet some of the American Horror Story: Freak Show cast with genuine unusual physical states who are bringing their realness to our beloved show, making it all the better.

Ben Woolf - Meep

Condition: Pituitary Dwarfism. Woolf also underwent chemotherapy at a young age, which further affected his bones.

He Says:

I find it very challenging for me when I go out in Los Angeles. It’s kind of hard, there which is weird because you don’t think it should be. You think they would be more accepting of people who are different. It’s kind of the opposite actually.

Awesome fact: You may have noticed that Ben appeared in American Horror Story: Murder House as Infantata - nightmares free of charge!


Rose Siggins - Legless Suzy

Condition: Sacral Agenesis - a fetal disorder that targets the lower spine. Doctors removed Siggins' legs at the age of two.

She says:

People stare at something they don’t understand. We’re just like you, we just come in different forms. I kind of like the way I am. I would never change it. This is my normal.

Awesome fact: Rose is a trained mechanic and has two kids so is pretty much a badass supermom.


Mat Fraser - Paul the Illustrated Seal

Condition: Phocomelia Syndrome. Fraser says that his conditions was the result of his mother being prescribed Thalidomide during pregnancy.

He Says:

I’m powerful and awesome and I have these and I’m a freak and I’m an actor and I’m a freak actor, playing a freak and it’s awesome.

Awesome Fact: Before American Horror Story, Matt performed in a real freak show!


Erika Ervin - Amazon Eve

Erika does not have a genetic condition, but was born William Ervin before undergoing a gender transition. She stands 6'8" and has done modelling and fitness training worldwide. More than just her impressive stature, Ervin actually retains the name 'Amazon Eve' in real life, too...

She Says:

I think the transgender movement could actually learn from the freak narrative. It’s a place where people who are different come together and find a sense of community. It’s more than just a freak show. There’s a family here.

Awesome Fact: She actually dressed up as a guy to audition for the Amazon Eve part. I'll let her explain because it's so much better in her words:

I slicked back my hair, no makeup, flannel shirt, bound my breasts, dropped my voice, and walked in — and nailed it.


Jyoti Amge - Ma Petite

Condition: Primordial Dwarfism. Amge is 23 inches tall and weighs 11 pounds.

She Says:

Regular people should not underestimate people who are small. I don’t like it if I am being held like a baby. I get mad when someone annoys me by touching my hair or keeps touching me without permission.

Awesome Fact: Amge holds the world record for being the smallest living woman!


Amazing people - thanks to all the Freak Show performers for being part of this great show. What do you guys think about this season's new characters?


Who's Your Favorite American Horror Story: Freak Show Performer?

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