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Good news, Bat-fans! Have you ever thought it was a little odd that Two-Face never appeared in the original Batman series back in the 1960's? In fact, not so much odd, but a massive shame? After all, he's one of the most iconic Bat-villains of all, and his absence from any entry in the Bat-canon is surely a cause for sadness.

Well, that's where the good news comes in. A forthcoming DC comic, Batman '66: The Lost Episode #1, is set to explore just what Two-Face's appearance in the show would have looked like. What's more, comic-book legend Alex Ross has created a cover for the comic - and it's...downright spectacular:

And, interestingly, intriguingly Cary Grant-esque in its portrayal of the Harvey Dent half of Two-Face's twisted walking identity crisis.

It's also, in a cute twist, surprisingly faithful to his very first appearance, back in the 1940's - which, in turn, got us thinking about just how much ol' Two-Face has changed over the years.

I mean, he's gone from:

A Twisted Dick Tracy

In his very first appearance, way back in 1942...

To an Ever-Darker Comic-Book Villain

And, when we say ever-darker...

...We Really Mean Ever-Darker

Right down to having received plastic surgery, regained his sanity - and then disfigured himself all over again...


In the Movies, He Started Off Happier

...With Billy Dee Williams having played a pre-Two-Face Harvey Dent in 1989's Batman...

Before Going Crazier Than Ever Before

...In the hands of the gloriously campy Tommy Lee Jones (and director Joel Schumacher) in Batman Forever...

As well as...

Getting Sleek (and Animated)

...In the beloved 90's show Batman: The Animated Series...

And, Finally, Ending Up in The Dark Knight

...As memorably (and gruesomely) played by Aaron Eckhart...

Now, though, there's only one question: Which of [DC](channel:932255)'s many different Two-Face's is your favorite?


What do you guys think? Favorite Two-Face?



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