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If you are more of a curmudgeon than a candy dispenser on Halloween then you, ironically, need to spend some more precious dollars on your porch decorations.

Nothing says "leave me the hell alone" like a hydraulic crone shooting out of her chair at unsuspecting passers by, and this shriek inducing machine by Poison Props delivers just that.

Sure, the festive touches might attract the trick-or-treaters, but when THIS happens, they will run home with soiled underwear and a resolve to never darken your doorway again.

As if being pounced on by an emaciated old lady with the reflexes of a puma isn't enough, this terrifying lawn ornament also unleashes an unholy shriek while doing so.

Unfortunately, you are going to have to be pretty dedicated to the mantra of "get off my land" to go ahead and purchase this heart attack inducing horror.

With a price tag of a stately $2,240, plus shipping and a weight of 210 pounds, you might as well just get your ghostface mask on and hide in a bush instead.

It's probably more fun anyhow!


Would you ever spend over $2,000 on a Halloween decoration?

(Source: Viral Nova)


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