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The forces of the Galactic Empire have been invading human culture left, right and center.

Earlier this week, we saw Imperial forces assaulted real life black and white photography, while we've also seen them taking on American GIs in World War II photographs and invading Lyon, France... as Lego!

Now however, it seems the stormtroopers have taken a break from interloping in photography to take a jaunt around the populist paintings of Thomas Kinkade. Now, he might not be a name that's up there with Monet, Rembrandt, or Hopper, but, according to The Washington Post, there's a one in twenty chance you've got one of his works in your house.

Now a graphic artist by the name of Jeff Bennett has spruced them Kinkade's work with some visitors from a far, far away galaxy.

Autumnal Cottage With Forces of Intergalactic Evil

Beware of the Rancor (Oil on Canvas)

Spring Cottage with Lupines (and a Dewback)

A Sunday Speeder Bike Jaunt

Imperial Genocide with Spring Flowers

Alpine Cottage with Imperial II-class Star Destroyer

Does anyone else think that chimney is flipping the bird?
Does anyone else think that chimney is flipping the bird?

AT-ATs By Moonlight

Kinkade utilized a very marketable approach to painting, creating rather uninspiring pieces of art (often featuring cottages and other rustic scenes) which he then shilled on the QVC shopping channel. His art was almost universally hated by art critics, and I have to admit, the addition of AT-ATs, Star Destroyers, and rancors is an improvement in my books.


Do you think Jeff Bennett's version of Kinkade's work is an improvement?

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