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I love a good GIF as much as the next person, what better way to express a reaction... and I thought I'd seen the funniest ones, until these bad boys came along: The reversed GIF. A simple concept really, take a regular GIF and reverse it, in the process make hilarity happen.

Take a look at these six GIFs from TV shows and movies that take on a whole new meaning when reversed!


1. So THIS is why Ash never becomes a Pokemon Master!

Poor, poor Pikachu. There are people who can help you Pikachu, helplines you can call, you deserve better!!


2. Spiderman looks a little creepier than normal

Um really Spidey, that's what you're going to use your powers for? I'm just going to say it, you're kind of a creepy dude.


3. Anna gets freaky in a boat!

I guess she has been lonely living in that castle alone all those years but jeez Anna, ever heard of the three date rule?!


4. Aladdin, Prince of heartless thieves.

That smug, smug look at the end is the real kicker, and you just know that Abu has no regrets.


5. One mans face ricochets a cannonball

The way his head jumps back onto his shoulders as the cannon ball speeds past is so awesome, and The Patriot just became 10 times more appealing to watch.


6. Malcolm and his brothers casually rise from the depths

There's no way Lois would be angry at them for this, their clothes are even dry!



Which reversed GIF is the funniest?

Source: Smosh, Imgur


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