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The Haunted Mansion is a must for any Disneyland goer. From the moment you arrive outside the foreboding mansion to the scares and spooks inside the house, the whole thing is a total experience. Now, thanks to some awesome photos, we can get a whole new creepy experience out of the Haunted Mansion!

These cool vintage photos from the 1960s show Disney Imagineer, Yale Gracey, with his creations, including a very famous Haunted Mansion character: the Hatbox Ghost.

Check them out for yourself!


Gracey and a ghoulish outlaw

Even Gracey knows to stand aside - this outlaw has business to take care of! How realistic does this look! I find it hard to believe it looked this real in the 1960s.


Gracey carves out a name for himself

Carving out a tombstone and having a chat with this spooky guy. On first glance this almost looks normal, until you notice the dude in the crown is transparent, eeek.


Gracey and the spooky Hatbox Ghost

Check out those eyes!! The Hatbox Ghost is a well known, decommissioned character in the Haunted Mansion.


The Hatbox Ghost appeared as an old man in a cloak and top hat, he leans on a cane with one hand and holds a hatbox in the other. He was located in the attic, across from the famous Bride character.


The idea of the Hatbox Ghost was for his head to vanish and appear inside his hatbox - pretty cool, right?!. Unfortunately, the desired effect was never achieved and the Hatbox Ghost was retired months after the ride opened. To be honest, I don't know if the Hatbox Ghost needed any special effects to look scary, he's already pretty creepy!


Disney honors Yale Gracey

This is one eerie tribute: the Master Gracey tombstone was made to honor Yale Gracey and all the work he did for Disneyland. While it's pretty cool, it's also a bit unnerving that it references an actual person (who is now dead).


The coolest thing about these photos is not that it's just awesome vintage Disney (which it is!), but also that the technology used in the 60s still stands up today! Yale Gracey and those Disney imagineers did one heck of a job with those ghosts to make the Haunted Mansion one ride which has truly stood the test of time and one which is still a firm park favorite!


Is the Haunted Mansion one of your favorite Disney rides?

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