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Despite surviving just one season on the HBO show, Khal Drogo remains one of the Game of Thrones' most notable characters - thanks to Jason Momoa’s indelible portrayal of the Dothraki lord. And, as you might expect, Momoa's 2012 audition tape - which was just uncovered - is every bit as terrifying and awesome as you'd imagine...

In his audition the Hawaiian-born actor does a Maori haka dance, and, well, "intense" is probably the best word to describe it. Check this out:

Wow, he's like the most masculine incarnation of Johnny Depp...if that's possible. Next Momoa will be joining up with the Justice League as Aquaman, so it'll be interesting to see his audition tape for that...


Khal Drogo...

(Source: JustJared)


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