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(Note, mild SPOILERS for Game of Thrones Season 5 below, as well as some bigger ones behind a protective wall...)

When it comes to Game of Thrones' fifth season, the big news just keeps on coming - especially when it comes to getting a glimpse of the awesome plans the show seems to have for its brand new Dornish setting. We've already seen Myrcella Baratheon, Cersei's daughter, and Doran Martell, brother to the fan-favorite Oberyn Martell (above) - but until now, some of the series' most intriguing characters have remained shrouded in mystery: The Sand Snakes, the illegitimate daughters of that very same Oberyn Martell.

Thankfully, though, when we say until now, we really mean it:

And Lo, There Were The Sand Snakes...

In All Their Bad-Ass, Sandy, Snaky Glory...

Which Is...Awesome

I mean, just look at that whip. Fans of the novels will likely already be massively overexcited about the impending arrival of Nymeria, Obara, and Tyene Sand (who'll be played by Jessica Henwick, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Rosabell Laurenti-Sellers respectively) - largely because in the books, they're awesome. Now, though, everyone can start to get pumped for the bad-ass sisters, and start wondering whether they might even be able to match their dad for awesomeness.

That, though, isn't the only Game of Thrones image we have to throw your way today - since also spotted on set was a certain Tyrion Lannister, aka Peter Dinklage:

Speculation about which (including the filming location) are to be found below, behind spoiler protection...

The reason for this spoiler guard? That photo was taken at a hotel in Spain, at a distinctly similar time to Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) and Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) being the same hotel. Which suggests we might just see the characters end up in the same sort of place a whole lot sooner than they do in the books...

What do you guys think, though? Which upcoming (and newly photographed) part of [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) are you most looking forward to?


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