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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed really mean business when it comes to adopting abandoned animals, and after taking on a horse together back in August, they have gone for something a little more manageable this time!

Nikki Reed posted this adorable snap of her showing off the pair's brand new kitten and appealed for fans to help her and Ian name their newest addition in the following caption:

Went to the animal shelter today to give some love to the babies living in cages who don't have homes and ended up adopting this little girl! What should we name her?

Ian Somerhalder better hurry up and build his animal sanctuary sharpish, because this critter crazy couple are going to run out of space if they carry on adopting at this rate!

Can't say I blame them though, If I had the cash money, I would have ALL the dogs (no offence, kittens!).


Have stars like Ian Somerhalder raised the profile of animal adoption?

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