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Walker Stalker Con might be aimed at Walking Dead fans, but it's also home to some undead actors who are much easier on the eyes than a bunch of rotting zombies!

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley rolled out their epic bromance at the event, while still having time to drape their enviable arms around a whole host of fans that I'm very jealous of right now!

So, if you couldn't be there, let's examine the most adorable Salvatore snapshots of the day!

Bromantic Bonding

He's behind you, Ian!

Look into my eyes...

Loling the day away.


Ian Somerhalder Shows His Fans Some Love

You've got to love a girl who sneaks in a selfie at the autograph table!

If I got this close, I would officially collapse...Or vomit. For Ian's sake, the former would probably be more pleasant.

Pucker up for the best lips in the business!

He totally smells of unicorn tears and leather.

This girl said she fainted shortly after this encounter. Can't say I blame her.


Paul Wesley Poses It Up

I'm getting the impression that the Damon/Stefan divide is a getting a bit one sided!

Come on guys, surely more of you showed Paul some love? Look at that cheeky smile!


The Ultimate Salvatore Sandwich!

Why have one Salvatore brother when you can have TWO?!

It's so adorable how genuinely pleased Ian and Paul look to meet their fans!

This girl's glorious grin just sums it up, really!


If you have some amazing fan shots of you and The Vampire Diaries crew, share the love in the comments below!

Also, please let me know if you are featured in any of the shots in this article and I will credit you!


Would you go to Walker Stalker Con next year?

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