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The simmering cauldron of rumors about Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed's fractious relationship on set has been bubbling for months, and it shows no sign of going off the boil just yet.

Reports from numerous online news outlets such as International Business Times and Hollywood Life now suggest that the team behind [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) have resorted to banning Reed from the set outright to keep the peace.

According to Guardian Liberty Voice, producers are so terrified that Nina Dobrev will break her contract and walk before the end of season six that they decided the most sensible option would be to ban her ex-partner, Ian Somerhalder, from bringing his new flame to work with him.

But, is there any truth to the rumors?

I think it's about time that we got our hands dirty to sift through the internet muck to see if we can find a kernel of truth in the situation.

Nina Dobrev on Nikki Reed

Nina Dobrev with Nikki Reed during less turbulent times
Nina Dobrev with Nikki Reed during less turbulent times

Despite what you might read on less reputable websites, Nina Dobrev hasn't made any public remarks about Nikki Reed. None whatsoever.

The pair used to be (or possibly still are!) friends who have previously double dated with their ex-partners...One of whom just so happens to be Somerhalder.

This situation obviously has the potential to create a highly flammable working environment, but with no concrete word from any of the stars on the inside, it's hard to know what's going on.


Set Struggles

Most of the rumors center around Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reeds supposedly outrageous PDAs on set, which is totally understandable when you see how touchy feely these love birds are in public.

The confusing thing about this rumor for me is the fact that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev haven't been required to share any time on set so far, this means it is perfectly possible Ian and Nikki haven't even bumped into her during their trips to Mystic Falls.

Season six has obviously been set up to give Ian and Nina some time apart, and if tensions on set are really as high as the rumors suggest they are, I highly doubt Somerhalder and Reed would be deliberately whipping things up in front of Dobrev.

Ian, Nikki and Nina are all actors who value their careers and bringing disruption to the set will not reflect them in a good light.


Stand By Your Woman

Ian obviously cares deeply for Nikki
Ian obviously cares deeply for Nikki

As much as The Vampire Diaries doesn't want to loose Nina Dobrev, they are also desperate to cling onto Somerhalder who plays fan favorite, Damon.

If Nikki Reed had indeed been banned from set, I can't imagine that the normally mild manner Ian would take it well.

When fans attacked Reed on Instagram, Ian personally stuck up for his new lover with a series of messages, and if producers tried to shake up Ian's situation with Nikki, I'm sure he would defend his Twilight belle.

Ian and Nikki are currently living together near the TVD set, so banning Reed would be a huge blow for their relationship.

In short, I doubt the showrunners are willing to slam Somerhalder by throwing the woman he cares the most about off the set.


Personally, I doubt that these rumors are true and are simply being whipped up to generate more traffic, but unlike a lot of internet whispers, there is clearly a grounding in reality when it comes to the difficult real life love triangle on set.

What do you guys think?


Do you think Nikki Reed has really been banned from The Vampire Diaries set?

(Source: Guardian Liberty Voice via Hollywood Life)


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