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Now, we all know that - scientifically speaking - Channing Tatum can do no wrong. I mean, they published that whole special issue of Science about it and everything. So, when the dude-liest dude alive steps up onto Ellen and is dared to do something he's patently unqualified to do, you just know the results are going to be epic.

As in, 'Channing Tatum was just asked to paint a random woman's face as though she was a Day of the Dead skeleton, in just one minute' kind of epic.

Because apparently the producers of Ellen know exactly what the best way to promote Tatum's upcoming movie The Book of Life (also starring Zoe Saldana and Diego Luna, fact fans) is, and it involves letting Channing be Channing.

Cue video, featuring such highlights as...

Channing Tapping at a Woman's Face Like He's an Extremely Large, Be-Chested Cat

Channing Prodding a Woman's Face Like He's in a Lionel Richie Video

Channing Making That Same Woman Look Like a Member of the Insane Clown Posse

And many more, which you can watch below...

The only question now? Is there any Celebrity you'd rather have randomly poking your face than Channing Tatum?


Seriously - Who would you most like to have poking your face?

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