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When your career consists of being Slater from Saved by the Bell and a spell on Dancing with the Stars, you've got to really pull out the big guns to flog your autobiography, and Mario Lopez doesn't disappoint.

The 41-year-old actor has been teasing a one night stand with a "mega pop star" since he released his memoir 'Just Between Us,' but surprisingly he kept his lips sealed about the starlet's name and honored the title of his tome.

Lopez might have resisted the old kiss and tell maneuver, but unfortunately for Britney, his friends aren't quite as noble.

Sources close to Lopez (I'm looking at you, Screech) spilled to Perez Hilton that his night of pop passion was with none other than Britney Spears.

In his autibiography, Lopez admits that magic happened "maybe six or seven years ago… eight years ago?," and he was certainly wise to be hazy about the dates!

If he did indeed sleep with Britney 7 years ago, then this is the sane and rational Britney he had his night of passion with, which doesn't exactly show Lopez in the best light!


Do you think Britney Spears really slept with Mario Lopez?

(Source: Perez Hilton)


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