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Everyone has a couple of regrets in life, and I'm guessing Neil Patrick Harris knows what his are!

How I Met Your Mother actor and quick-witted Oscar host Neil Patrick Harris was almost in American Horror Story: Murder House.

Yup, that one's gotta sting a bit. Not only missing out on a role in Season One, but one that could have turned into an ongoing thing, given AHS' fondness for re-using actors.

Remember Chad and Patrick, who moved into the Murder House?

Neil Patrick Harris and his hubby, David Burtka were offered the roles of Chad and Patrick - but turned them down. Obviously, Teddy Sears and Zachary Quinto did an awesome job of bringing these characters to life - but NPH's reason for turning the roles down is pretty crazy...

It's all because of A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.

Neil Patrick Harris explains:

David and I had both been in Harold and Kumar Go to Christmas Town - that’s not the title, but it was about the holidays... We have a terrible relationship, and we’re shouting at each other and it’s awful.

Right after that, we were asked to be in season one of this great new show called American Horror Story.

We had just played ourselves as a couple, not getting along, and I thought, it just seems weird to do that twice, like as individual actors, to play a couple that hates each other twice. It just felt weird. So I said no, that we shouldn’t do it.

NPH told Sirius XM, a little guiltily, that his husband had wanted to join AHS:

David wanted to. I said, ‘I just don’t want us to be known as a couple that don’t like each other. That seems weird.’ And then wouldn’t you know, American Horror Story is a big, gigantic success and super awesome.

Bummer, sorry guys! Aw, well, it's probably hard for NPH to be too upset, given his stellar success in his other projects! And us fans don't lose out, either - Zachary Quinto and Teddy Sears were great in Murder House...


Do you wish Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka had been in AHS: Murder House?

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