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When you think of Katie Holmes, the first thing you think of probably isn't action heroine. Sure, she starred in Batman Begins, but for most of us, she's still a whole lot more Joey Potter from Dawson's Creek than anything that involves the brutal murder of wrongdoers.

Either that, or I'm really mis-remembering that show...
Either that, or I'm really mis-remembering that show...

That, though, could all be about to change - after all, Holmes' upcoming movie Miss Meadows looks set to be pretty darned full of action - and, from the looks of this latest trailer for the film, some pretty darned brutal action at that...

I mean, that one line says it all...

"Kind of a Pulp Fiction Mary Poppins"

With a Whole Lot of Shooting

Right Down to Adolescence...

Which, between Holmes' achingly sweet demeanor, the film's obviously substantial body count, and what looks like a satisfyingly dark streak, looks and sounds, awesome.

So, now the question is just whether [Miss Meadows](movie:1078471) can keep that impression up for an entire movie when it's released November 14th.


What do you guys think? Does Miss Meadows look good to you?

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