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Bad Turn Worse premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival under the name We Gotta Get Out of This Place to strong reviews last year. The movie is a Texas-set crime thriller about what happens when small-time troublemakers accidentally steal money from a trigger-happy goon.

Mark Pellegrino, known for his villainous roles on such TV shows like Lost and Dexter, stars in the latest trailer for the movie. And seeing his performance seems like that alone will make the flick worth seeing. Check this out:

Interested? The movie's plot goes a little something like this:

After a weekend of partying with stolen money, three Texas teens (Jeremy Allen White, Logan Huffman and Mackenzie Davis) find themselves indebted to a sociopathic criminal named Giff (Mark Pellegrino). To repay their debt, Giff forces the teens to steal from his boss, a money-laundering gangster named Big Red (William Devane). Things go from bad to worse when betrayal, distrust, and corruption complicate an already dangerous plan.


Will you be checking out Bad Turn Worse?

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