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Last week, there was a big leak of Star Wars Episode 7 concept art and fans a re already putting it together to get a pretty convincing explanation of what the plot might be for Episode 7.

So what do we know? Well, first things first, this would be the time to look away for anyone that wants to avoid:

Star Wars Episode 7 Plot SPOILERS!

For a long time, there have been rumors that the movie would open with Luke's severed hand falling through space, and while that has not been confirmed, some of this concept art does seem to back up the theory that Daisy Ridley's character is a junker and a scrap merchant.

Her character, believed to be called, Kira, stores her ship in a downed AT-AT on a sandy planet which may or may not be Tatooine. Take a look at the picture here - you can see her ship hidden in the belly on the mechanical beast:

Is that Daisy Ridley's character's ship in the AT-AT?
Is that Daisy Ridley's character's ship in the AT-AT?

John Boyega: TIE Fighter pilot?

Another potential spoiler which was backed up by the concept art leak, was the John Boyega's character would meet up with Kira when he crashes his TIE fighter on the same sandy planet. Apparently, after meeting up with Kira, he joins her on her quest. He is, by all account, not a bad guy, which makes his TIE fighter pilot origins a little strange, especially as Kira is (a least at first) meant to be a a good or neutral character.

Is this John Boyega's downed TIE fighter?
Is this John Boyega's downed TIE fighter?

Max von Snydow: Cyborg?

The key incident that takes place on the Sandy Planet is, of course, the discovery of Luke's lightsaber, which he lost in his battle with Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. This, allegedly, is found amongst some junk by a blue alien creature, and then brought to Daisy Ridley while she is talking to Max Von Snydow's character.

He is an old demoted Cyborg character - but when he sees the lightsaber he reveals a hidden side. Rather than talking he usual nonsense, he suddenly becomes more lucid. Then after Ridley has left with the weapon, he makes a call to an unknown figure. He says - "It's here".

Max Von Snydow's demented drunk cyborg
Max Von Snydow's demented drunk cyborg

Who is flying the Millennium Falcon?

After finding the lightsaber, where exactly Ridley and Boyega's characters go in not clear. But one theory is that they head off to find (what was) the Rebel Alliance.

Most reports claim the Han Solo is now leading the fleet, and has sold off the Millennium Falcon to Oscar Isaac's character. Does Isaac help Ridley & Boyega in their mission to find Luke? Or do they get hold of the Millennium Falcon themselves?

All that is clear at the moment is that the old ship will play a major role in the new film. It has been spotted in three key locations. On the sandy planet that may or may not be Tatooine, at the Rebel Base (where we also say Adam Driver in the orange Rebel Pilot jumpsuit) and here, on what is believed to be the same island of Skellig location where Luke is lives in monkish isolation.

Is this Skellig, where Luke now lives in isolation?
Is this Skellig, where Luke now lives in isolation?

Luke Skywalker IS The Inquisitor?

One of the more controversial rumors surrounding Star Wars Episode 7 is that Luke will have turned to the Dark Side, and become the same twisted Cyborg character that we have seen gazing eerily at Darth Vader's shattered helmet.

Now this character may or may not be Luke, but what is certain is that whoever he is he seems to have an interest in Sith and Jedi artifacts. He is surely the same character contacted by Max von Snydow's character (maybe they met in Cyborgs Anonymous), and there haver also been reports of a battle in a forest, which has been speculated to be Endor, and may have been an attempt by the Inquisitor (if he is one) to reclaim Vader's helmet from his funeral pyre.

It does seem like Daisy Ridley's Kira will come into contact with this Sith lord, however - as shown in concept art like the one below:

Kira meet the Inquisitor in Star Wars 7?
Kira meet the Inquisitor in Star Wars 7?

There are plenty more questions raised by this Star Wars Episode 7 concept art dump, but this might be enough to be thinking about for now.

So what do you think? Is this a convincing explanation for the start of Star Wars 7? Is Luke the Inquisitor, and will Daisy Ridley's Kira be lured to the dark side? Who is piloting the Millennium Falcon?

Write in with your thoughts and speculation s about there and any other questions below the line! Do you think you know the plot of [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158)?


What are you most looking forward to in Star Wars Episode 7?


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