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Karly Rayner

After a slump in ratings, The Vampire Diaries is once again raking in viewers in droves to the CW network.

Episode three of season six, entitled 'Welcome to Paradise,' was the most watched episode of the supernatural show since March last year and was up 12% from the previous week, even out performing the much anticipated season premiere.

With a colossal 1.86 million viewers tuning in to see what went down at the swimming hole, fears of future seasons of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) being cancelled due to poor numbers seem to be fading fast.

The feedback I've received from fans around the world is overwhelmingly positive about season 6, so I have every reason to believe we will be treated to season seven...Unless the rumors about the main actors bailing are true, of course.


Are you enjoying The Vampire Diaires season 6?

(Source: TV By Numbers)


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