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Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome last week scooped a prestigious award for Best Game Design at the annual Animago Awards ceremony in Potsdam, Germany.

Now in their 17th year, the Animago Awards honor the best works across the entire spectrum of digital media, with a jury of experts singling out the cream of the crop in disciplines titled "Still", "Film" and "Interactive".

Campaign score: 7/10 – “Visceral brilliance “ Gamertag Gaming

Ryse, which was also nominated for Best Trailer/Opener, claimed the Best Game Design trophy in spite of tough competition from other high profile and critically-acclaimed contenders.

Ryse: Son of Rome was first released as an Xbox One launch title in November, 2013, and last week arrived as a digital download for PC. The game seeks to capture the grandeur and grit of the Roman Empire as players take charge of Marius Titus and lock horns in brutally realistic combat.

Ryse Son of Rome is a brutal, palm sweaty, hands on approach to the classic third person action title. The interactive, dynamic storyline and breathtaking detail is certainly a testament to the next gen capabilities of the Xbox One (We tested on) allowing for box office worthy cinematic sequencing and the capability of truly immersive gameplay.

'RYSE' Son of Rome: Still an essential buy for all gamers!

The story begins at the end, as emperor Nero is bundled into a secret vault at the heart of the palace by our capable hero Marius Titus. After some ambiguous dialog between Nero and Marius it soon becomes apparent that Nero fears not the barbarian horde that at this point ravage his glorious city but fears a darker (unbeknown to us at this point) invisible enemy. It is at this point that Marius begins his chronological portrayal of events and through this interaction with Emperor Nero that we find Rome under siege and the Emperor pleading for salvation. Cue the fresh faced newly commissioned Marius and yes, his ill fated family.

The story itself is compelling, I found myself updating other Gamertag team members upon the latest in Marius’s adventures with every tea and biscuit break. I especially loved the introduction of Damocles (Mentioned above in Video nomination), the spirit of vengeance embodied by a black armoured centurion seeking nothing but death to all that wronged him and how this developed and integrated itself into the story.

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