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(Warning: Spoilers!)

Well it’s confirmed, no more maybes or speculations, the ex-residence of Terminus are cannibals. So as they pick out the leftovers of Bob’s leg from their teeth, let’s take a look at what the episode had to offer.

This weeks episode, entitled Strangers, went back to basics as we saw Rick and the gang scavenging for food and water. A much slower paced episode, which was probably needed after last week’s adrenalin filled premiere. We were introduced to new character Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), who has been locked away in his church since the start of the apocalypses, surviving on can food. Gabriel is a somewhat troubled and suspicious character, hiding something from Rick and the rest of the group. I won’t spoil it for you but if you’ve read the graphic novel, you know what he’s hiding and it isn’t that exciting.

This episode is all about getting back to grips with the characters and the story as opposed to Carol going lone gunman on everyone as we saw in No Sanctuary last week. The main plot point of the episode, besides the resident cannibals, is Rick agreeing to make the trip to Washington DC. Although this is seemingly irrelevant now as I should think we will have to wait till the end of this season before we get anywhere near to this, it is still an important story arc for the season. The only other thing to take away from this episode is that Tyreese is a liar, as we see the Martin (Chris Coy), the man whom Tyreese was supposed to have killed last week, alive and well and munching away on Bob’s left shin.


We get a feeling all the way through this episode that our group is being watched. At the end we are obviously led to believe that it is the cannibals of Terminus doing the watching (and hunting). However it could also be Morgan Jones (Lennie James), hiding in the darkness waiting to come to Rick’s aid at his time in need. With Morgan's surprise appearance at the end of last weeks episode I hope they don't leave it too long before he is re-introduced to Rick and the rest of the gang.

Altogether a very talk-heavy episode which was probably needed after last week, but hopefully things will start to pick up again soon. We are only two episodes in but I would hate for The Walking Dead to go back to talking about what they’re going to do for four episodes before anything actually happens.


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