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The Sacrifice summons one of India’s most infamous demons but needs your help bringing it to life. ALPHA Studios offers completely independent, original films that are locally produced with Chicago talent. Shooting for The Sacrifice begins Nov. 15th and you can help fund the actual production now via Indiegogo. All contributions, big or small, will go straight towards the production of this project. Funding at different levels will get you different perks including “Executive Producer” credit. If you’re local, you may have an opportunity to do some work behind the camera or even on camera.

“We are making movies with absolute independence. No investors, no studios, no bosses. We make them for low cost, and share them with the world for free,” said Ricardo Islas, Director/Writer of The Sacrifice. “After trying distribution for decades, I’ve decided to break loose from them. I’m off the grid now.”

Islas’ films are popular all over the world. Two years ago, Islas premiered one of his most sickening films, Lockout, for absolutely free through ALPHA Studios’ YouTube channel and since then, it’s gained over 7 million views. It’s being watched nearly half a million times a month.

“We are like kids playing under the kitchen table,” explained actress Michelle Shields during the production of Islas’ IndieGoGo funded, Frankenstein: Day of the Beast.

If you would like to play with ALPHA Studios, contributing to this campaign is the starting point.

Welcome to The Sacrifice.


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