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Forza Horizon 2

So, Forza Horizon 2 has been released to critical acclaim, this places a lot of pressure upon the upcoming release of The Crew in December. In order for the game to succeed it's going to have to at least feature the amount of elements that Forza excelled at, if not improve upon them!

Forza Horizon 2
Forza Horizon 2

Let's take a look at the aspects that made Forza Horizon 2 such a great game and the surprises that The Crew has in store!

Forza Horizon 2 is a thrilling game that gives the player a tremendous degree of freedom in terms of exploration. Some even claimed that it comprehensively upgraded the standards of open-world driving games. Needless to say this game is a tremendous degree of fun.

The level of customisation with regards to your vehicles is immense. From the colour to minor engine improvements, Forza Horizon 2 has it all. The game also boasts over 240 cars to choose from! With an open-world this large, endless customisation, a massive array of cars all created with NextGen graphics, it's no wonder this game excelled.

Its social networking system was also excellent, allowing up to 1000 friends to join you online. Insane. All-in-all, the game was a tremendous success for Playground Games, creating a serious amount of pressure for The Crew. Of course the latter is available on PS4 and not an Xbox One exclusive, but still, it has serious competition at the moment!

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The Crew

The Crew
The Crew

In terms of scale, this game sounds absolutely massive. Whereas Forza Horizon 2 was set in Southern Europe, The Crew has opted for the enormous USA. It allegedly takes a full 90 minutes to drive from coast-to-coast. Now that is impressive. In terms of scale, The Crew seems to be on par if not succeeding Forza Horizon 2!

In terms of campaign, this one actually has a story! Forza Horizon 2 didn't really have much in the campaign department, but The Crew has a 20 hours long campaign that entails infiltrating criminal groups with protagonist Alex Taylor. There are also a number of mini-games scattered throughout the map for the player to enjoy, all of which can be done with co-op or online multiplayer.

In terms of cars, in The Crew the player can actually design their own cars for the world with their iOS and Android devices. A feature which rivals the 240+ score that Forza Horizon 2 holds!

An unusual feature is that the game actually requires an internet connection in order to play. There is heavy emphasis placed upon the multiplayer aspects in The Crew, as it has been described as an 'RPG with heavy focused multiplayer elements'. For some players this may be an annoying aspect of The Crew, but at the same time, seeing so many other players drive around this incredibly large world is sure to be a thrill.

You can form clubs with anyone you meet and take down challenges together or face off against other crews. All of this combines into what sounds like a great experience that looks beautiful on NextGen.


Forza Horizon 2 is seriously tough opposition. Upon looking into this I was certain that The Crew would be a game that we could ignore and would be left as a substitute for those who don't own an Xbox One. But if all of its features combine into a slick, exciting and rewarding experience, I feel that The Club may actually be able to hold its own against the acclaimed Forza Horizon 2.


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