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We are now officially getting a Justice League film. Let's take ourselves completely out of reality, opinions on Zach Snyder, DC, or any worries we might have. I've been waiting for this for most of my life, and it's coming, hell it's almost here. So yeah, I'm not saying it's going to be a surefire masterpiece, but I'd love to see a little more... I dunno, joy? excitement? contentment? all of the above?

Now that's not to say we shouldn't voice negative opinions, after all, that's how we change the world for the better, but I just feel we should at least be happy that someone at WB at least had the sense to just sit down and go: "Right, you, you and you. Go start making a Justice League film. No But's. Justice League film, because Justice League."

So, to try and get a little more love going round, I'm gonna take what we already know about the film, and come up with a few (3 to be precise) comic storylines that I think would work best.

So, what ARE we pretty sure about:

  • The team definitely consists of: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman
  • Also in the team are probably: Cyborg, [Aquaman](movie:264237), Flash, Green Lantern and Shazam (though none are confirmed)
  • Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will already be established

Wow, we really don't know a lot in fact, and seen as this is basically the New 52 team, I'm gonna completely ignore the team setup and just pick any JLA story. Because the recent 'Justice League: Origin' was not all that great. So here we are, in no particular order.

1) New World Order

This is a four part story covering the invasion of Earth by White Martians who have taken on the guise of superheroes to gain public approval and sow hard feelings against the Justice League. However, the League don't trust them and so begins the battle for Earth. It does contain some very well constructed plot and action, as well a having elements of the team not really getting along which would work well in an origin film.

Pros: It's a particular favourite of mine because it subverts the standard alien invasion routine we usually get and would set it apart from [The Avengers](movie:9040) nicely. It also works well in the sense that Green Lantern is a bit of a newbie in the story and with him being the only team member with a solo movie not cast yet, as well as his film not coming until 2020, that would make a lot of sense for it to maybe double as an origin story for him. There's also some nice playing with the Martian's abilities that would translate well in a big budget film. Speaking of the white martians, I quite like the idea of them being the antagonists for the first movie as they don't require a lot of development, giving more time to focus on the League itself, and because they arent iconic at all, meaning that Darkseid or Braniac aren't wasted due to hastily being packed into the film.

Cons: Martian Manhunter probably won't feature in the movie as he hasn't been listed with a solo movie. It can still work without him, but having him there helps set up the white martians as a threat more easily and more naturally without having some kind of prologue that basically gives away that there are martians in the movie.

2) Tower of Babel

The most misleading cover of all time
The most misleading cover of all time

'Tower of Babel' centres around Batman and his contingencies against the League mambers. He creates them in the aftermath of an event where many of their bodies were taken over and used by villains. However he conceals the plans from them, and when they are stolen by Ra's al Ghul (or however I'm meant to type it) in order to kill or distract the league while he lessens the Earth's population a little. Or, in normal terms, commits mass homicide.

Pros: With Ben Affleck playing an older, grittier Batman than we've seen before, it would make sense for him to have such contingency plans and he would fit the bill of the ultra paranoid Batman in the comic. In terms of trying to adapt it to be a first JLA outing, it could work well if mostof the team are present and/or established by the end of 'Dawn of Justice' and works well to introduce us to each character's strengths and weaknesses. It's also already been adapted to screen in 'Justice League: Doom' which, while drastically changing the plot, still captured the core of the story: a character study of Batman's paranoia and whether or not his drastic lack of trust is a fault. Another plus this story has is that with an older Batman on screen, this would work well as a sort of torch passing from Batman to the rest of the team as they don't take kindly to what he did. Which for me is a good thing, because we've had a lot of Batman before and I'd like to see the rest of the heroes get some spotlight. But not before we see this story, because it's great.

Cons: It would involve a lot of setup either in the ending of Dawn of Justice or at the start of the film, as Ra's al Ghul and his League of Assasins would need introduced, and I highly doubt the whole JLA will be in place before the film, which would mean that the film wouldn't have much breathing room. There's also the matter that it's quite a big ask to jump straight into a film of this scale forthe first Justice League film, although if [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) and DoJ include some setup, then it can be done.

3) Batman / Superman / Wonder Woman: Trinity

If DC want simplicity then this is the story for them. Ra's al Ghul, Bizarro and Artemis (a Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman villain) all team up to take down the trinity and they must make a team of their own in a bid to survive. In it the three of them have to get along despite their very different personalities. That's really it.

Pros: It's very easy to put into a film. Drag a couple of other Leaguers in and call it Justice League. I also like that while I'm sure we've all seen the "team need to get along to stop a serious threat" before, in this there's never any artificial or over the top friction, they just don't get on well. In the same way that if you put: an overly idealistic alien, an immortal warrior princess and a guy who dresses up as a bat cause he never got over his parent's deaths all in the same room they wouldn't exactly bond instantly. Simplicity is what this has going for it. While I'd probably prefer to see some more iconic villains if it were adapted (maybe Deathstroke, Cheetah and Metallo?) this story is a perfect low-hanging fruit, as by the time Justice League rolls round, all of the titular trinity will be firmly established.

Cons: Could be a little too simple, and thus not stand out enough on its own due to there being no unique selling point to the story. It could also be hard to incorporate the rest of the team and still make three villains a valid threat. Though if they were to adapt this then they'd probably just go with the Legion of Doom, and you know what? I'm ok with that.

To conclude

So what do you guys think, chances are I missed out your favourite story, didn't I? Well, to be fair, I missed out some of my own, cause I tried to select runs that work as a first outing. But hey! feel free to let me know about it anyway, but til next time guys, enjoy your lives!!!


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