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If you're like me, you can't wait until May 1st, 2015. That's when [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) is set to be released. That's why any time some news comes out -any news - that can quench my thirst for more information on the movie, I'm a happy camper.

Luckily for us fans who lack patience, a new graphic has just been released that has all the characters drawn to scale... the only catch is that Vision, Hulkbuster, and Ultron are still blacked (or yellowed) out (see below, via

As you can see, Hulkbuster is absolutely GIGANTIC, at just above 11 feet tall, and seemingly almost just as wide. Which is interesting, because in this concept art that was released by Marvel (below), the Hulkbuster appears to be big but not quite as massive as the toy appears to be. Although, I guess they are lunging towards each other; if they were standing straight up, maybe 11' to 8'5" is how they would measure up.


In the past, toy depictions of the characters have been shockingly accurate, even going into ultra realistic facial features...

Bruce Banner looking exactly like Mark Ruffalo
Bruce Banner looking exactly like Mark Ruffalo

So, it's no small thing that the toy Hulkbuster is a solid 2 feet 7 inches taller (scale-wise) than The Hulk. It's probably pretty spot-on to how it will appear in the movie. And, remember, we saw a smaller version of the Hulkbuster in [Iron Man 3](movie:24391), it appears they just blew it up considerably in size for AoU. In any case, it's looking like they're going for a far, far larger version of the armor than ever existed in the comics:

So, why the super-sized Hulkbuster armor? Is it simply because Marvel wants to beef it up from a visual effects standpoint? Or is it a deliberate choice that ties into the storyline? Maybe it's meant to emphasize how dangerous Bruce Banner is when he Hulks out, so Tony Stark has to break out the big guns. Could it even be the impetus for the break between Captain America and Iron Man, the reason that Steve Rogers goes off and forms his own team in Age of Ultron? Perhaps Tony sees the destruction the Hulk has wrought because there's no one to control him or keep tabs on him and thinks something should be done about it. Who knows? But considering the Hulk rampage scene was essentially the first scene they shot for the film, we can guess it might be a key scene in the movie.

[The Blacklist](series:891587) star, James Spader, will be voicing Ultron, who should look something like this, if the movie design stays true to the comic books:

via digitalspy
via digitalspy

Odds are, since Tony Stark creates or enhances Ultron in Avengers 2 (while Hank Pym did so in the comics), the Ultron from the movie will have a look and feel similar to what we've come to expect from Stark's laboratory... very shiny, very sleek design... and now, we see that Ultron will be about 8 feet tall. Just slightly shorter than the Hulk.

And of course, there's Vision, to be played by Paul Bettany... also blurred out of the toy line-up...

So, I guess all we can do now is wait... and guess... and hope...

...and maybe do a little dance, knowing that at least we're only about 7 months away. And HOPEFULLY we'll get a good look at all three characters when The Avenegrs 2 Age of Ultron[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)screens before [Interstellar](movie:813746) next month.



What are you most anxious to see from AoU?


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