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It's not that often that I'm completely blown away by fanart. Not to say that there aren't dedicated, talented fans out there, quite the opposite! I've seen so MUCH awesomeness that my taste has become refined. I am a connoisseur, sampling art like fine wine - just with less spitting on the ground afterwards.

So you can see why I was so excited to find Blake Henriksen, AKA PinkHavok, on deviantART (thanks to a tipoff from my buddy Evan Lee). And by that, I mean... you can SEE. Look at this amazingness! I especially love the fact that while I suspect this is digital art, PinkHavok is able to replicate the look and feel of traditional art, oils and acrylic paint. Sort of gives the art a classic look, while using modern technology. Neat!

That's one Superhero and villain packed piece right there!


The Deadpool movie can't come soon enough!

And gonna finish out with a mini-series in their gallery that I loved and hope to see more of - DC pinups!

Catwoman's got some great boots.

Harley Quinn.


What do you think of PinkHavok's work?


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