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Today's installment of cosplay amazingness comes to you courtesy of Shua Cosplay! If you look through their gallery, you'll find a virtual paradise of great cosplay with beloved characters lovingly recreated with costumes, hair and makeup. (Seriously, look at that sidebar and all the collections, the amazingness just goes on and on!)

There is so much awesomeness that I had a hard time picking just one series to focus on, but ultimately Merida won out. While the hair is, of course, made of solar-flare strands of fiery awesome, it's cosplay artist Elena's use of real animals (that seahawk is real!) and the model's striking eyes that made this collection really pop for me. Enjoy!

Love the rich colors in this one!

That is one big hawk!

Yes Merida, there is much to think about...

Where can I get me one of those bows?

The eyes...the eyes.

All eyes!


What do you think of this Merida cosplay?


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