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Lots of Superhero cinema news, lots and lots. It is truly the golden age of Superhero films right now, without a doubt. Each year the envelope is pushed and the bar raised a little higher. Obscure comics like [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) make a big impact at the box office right along mainstays like X Men and Captain America. The big three Marvel/Disney, DC/Warner Brothers and Fox have set their sights on the future and it is glorious! Unless you are Ryan Reynolds, that is. Things with Mr Reynolds and his future super adventures are not clear at this time, and that is quite interesting to note.

Hal, is that you?
Hal, is that you?

When Ryan played Hal Jordan in "Green Lantern" a few years ago he took what some thought was the first step in the creation of a DCCU, alas poor reviews and lackluster box office in the age of Marvel Studios and DC's own Dark Knight films killed any talk of a sequel and an immediate refocus on the BMOC of the DCCU, Superman. Starting with the notion that [Man of Steel](movie:15593) was a first contact story it was evident that GL never happened in this universe..of course they can always say the events happened simultaneously if they want to. With a new "Green Lantern" film on Warners schedule in a few years and his reported introduction in one of the "Justice League" films, one question was left unanswered in all the excitement last week: which Green Lantern are we getting and what does this mean for Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan and Blake Lively-Reynolds
Ryan and Blake Lively-Reynolds

When cast as GL, Reynolds had previously appeared in two Superhero films. "Blade;Trinity" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" though met with mixed reactions (being nice for Origins here) his performances were considered standouts. The direction Gavin Hood and co. took with the [Deadpool](movie:38663) character played by Reynolds was solely on them and many fans have been asking for a "Deadpool" spinoff film with Reynolds as its star. Warner's was not too concerned with fans association of Reynolds with Deadpool when they cast him as Hal Jordan and once again the criticism lies at the feet of the writers of that film and not Reynolds in most fans eyes.

Unstitch mouth, pull on  red tights and mask...done!
Unstitch mouth, pull on red tights and mask...done!

So why is it that all of DC's big guns have been cast (except Captain Marvel/Shazam but we do have his nemesis) but no word on GL? Fox recently revealed that we would see that "Deadpool" solo film after all and actually a month before the biggest elephant/Superhero film in the room..."Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". We know who our Cyborg is, and our big screen Flash but not our resident guardian of sector 2866.

Hellooo!..Origin and backstory already established!
Hellooo!..Origin and backstory already established!

Could it be studio politics? Maybe this time DC does not want one actor to have competing images, I doubt it's Fox as they seem to have a better relationship with DC than with Marvel/Disney right now. They are airing the "Gotham" show and giving DC another pin to stick in their Marvel TV voodoo doll. Either way I think it foolish to toss the Martin Campbell directed GL film away like it was Elektra or something. The film may not have hit the mark, but do we really need another origin story for this character? Even if it will be about nine years between, do we need to go over this again? We do have other Lanterns to utilize, John Stewart being a fan favorite (sit down Guy Gardner). Want to move on from Hal? sure, let him cameo. That though raises a financial question: How much will they have to pay Reynolds?

Reynolds signed a multi picture deal for GL, which includes a pay or play clause. That means even if they make a GL movie and recast Jordan...Reynolds gets paid. Use John Stewart as main protagonist and Reynolds cameos...Reynolds gets paid, and it counts as an appearance towards his contract so it will not be a small sum. Perhaps Warner is waiting to see how "Deadpool" does before deciding. If it raises his stock, maybe they go back to Reynolds? If it tanks they move on, him ..and move on.


Should Ryan Reynolds return as Hal Jordan in the DCCU?


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