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Paul Gardikis

"The Conjuring" came and went. "Annabelle" is already a distant memory. Do some of us like and seek out these Hollywood Horror Blockbusters? Sure. Do some of us want something different? Most definitely!

Well, for these two films I'm about to recommend, you have to do little bit of digging....but trust me, it's worth it.

The first one I'm talking about is "Pieces of Talent". I'm speechless with this one. I will say, without giving anything away, that it is a true work of Art and just dynamite all around. The Acting is spot on, the Cinematography is flawless and the Film just works.

Up next is a Film called "Found". Directed by Scott Schirmer, "Found" tells the story of a young boy who's older brother may or may not be a serial killer who collects heads in a Bowling Bag(the first line in the Film mentions this, so no worries about spoilers). Now, that may sound gruesome and it is, and DOES in fact get pretty nasty in the last act, but before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you that this Film is much more than a Splatter film. At its core is an excellent coming of age film that has a lot of heart and some Grade A Acting by the kids especially.

So, I really hope that I moved someone to give one of these Films a shot. They both deserve it, big time.

"PIECES OF TALENT" can be ordered from the Director himself at

"FOUND" can be ordered ON DEMAND or Itunes or any cool video store that carries it! (WAL-MART IS CURRENTLY STOCKING IT)


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