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Recently, camera's caught up with the official Producer of the Halloween franchise, Malek Akkad, at a Halloween Horror Nights conference with fans. And lots of questions were answered about various things surrounding the franchise and Michael Myers, including the release date for the film.

It is said to be coming out in the fall of 2015. And as 'Shock Till You Drop' reported, Mr. Akkad said he was expecting a brand new script for the movie the day before Halloween, finally. Adding yet another film to an absolutely awesome year for movies.

Friday the 13th is also stated to be coming out in November of 2015, with yet another reboot to the long running franchise, it will be the 13th film in the series opposite Halloween's 11th.

Malek Akkad also hinted at more plans for the franchise after being asked about Halloween 3: Season of The Witch, and if they would ever think about continuing that type of anthology series or even maybe branch the franchise off into a television show. And he said that they were ''developing some cool things, that would be announced soon.''

Now, I'm not saying that you should freak out thinking the franchise is now officially gonna be a TV show, too. But instead keep what he said in the back of your head and remember that there will possibly be more on the table than just new movies and Blu-Ray releases.

The Friday the 13th franchise has a brand new television show in the works, so maybe this will be the spark for more television shows regarding popular slasher franchises, including Halloween.


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