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Open World Glory in Sunset Overdrive

I still recall being one of those Xbox 360 players who would see pictures of Infamous everywhere in Dublin, with images of Cole destroying are beautiful (it's not beautiful) spire. Here's the ridiculous image of him destroying our nation. How many other countries had their own version?

Infamous 2
Infamous 2

Naturally we were psyched to see that there was a new game coming out in which we'd be granted the opportunity to destroy Dublin city! Alas, not only was it not the setting of the game, I couldn't play it on my console. Now that I've switched over to the side of the Playstation, it seems that Insomniac Games may be in the process of giving the Xbox One a surrogate Infamous game. I can't think of anything on the Xbox that is akin to that of Infamous.

A lot of people have been asking whether this is going to be the game that the Xbox community have been waiting for, but after looking at it, I'm still a little unsure. Yeah, you can traverse the city at lightning speed, glide along railway tracks while attacking enemies and it's set in an open world, but I doubt it's going to match the quality of the Infamous series. Or is it?

Let's take a closer look at what's in store for Xbox One owners to have a clearer verdict on this comparison.

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Plot in Sunset Overdrive

In 2027, FizzCo has released their new hit energy drink, OverCharge Delirium XT. The only problem is that it’s caused everyone who drank it to turn into mutants. A FizzCo employee teams with the survivors (who are not enemies) to escape. Your character in Sunset Overdrive is completely customisable, something which, quite distinctly, separates the game from Infamous in terms of protagonist and narrative.

While Infamous certainly had its form of comic relief, this game is geared towards nothing but comic elation, which you can clearly see in this E3 trailer below (interestingly the game also won Best Xbox Game at E3, which was awarded by IGN).

It's comic-book-focused animation style certainly separates it from Infamous, though the latter series never made great strides to make the game appear more realistic, it had its own relation with the comic book form.


Whereas Infamous granted the player special powers, controlling electricity and using it to navigate the city at great speeds, Sunset Overdrive allows the player to have "super-human" free-running abilities, essentially Assassin's Creed on acid. You run along walls, slide along rails and train tracks, but instead of hurling electric projectiles at our enemies we have a massive arsenal.

You also carry a Freeman crowbar! By the way it's not called that...which you use to hang off of rails and continue to shoot at your enemies. After the trailer of the game above you can see the game in action. The colours and style are spectacular, Sunset Overdrive appears to be tremendous amount of fun and every weapon looks like a blast (pun alert). Also the amount of enemies in an area is thrilling!

Sunset Overdrive
Sunset Overdrive


To be honest with you, I can't see this game filling the void of Infamous for Xbox players, but it's the closest thing to it. Sure the navigation style is similar, it's open world and you have various combat similarities, but Sunset Overdrive seems to be a game that, in fact, Playstation players may wish they had. It has enough original ideas that it can be both similar and distinct from Infamous, but at the end of the day it appears to me that this game has the potential to be a lot more fun than Sucker Punch's games.

It has it's own unique style and tone, whereas Infamous can be dark and serious, Sunset Overdrive doesn't seem to care at all! And there is a great deal of pleasure to be derived from a game that isn't trying to impress us with story, but just wants us to laugh as we blow the hell out of mutants.

I'm seriously excited for this game, let me know in the comments what you guys think! Sunset Overdrive will be out on Xbox One on October 28th (NA) and 30th (EU).


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