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If rumors are to be believed, it's most likely been a busy past few weeks for Tom Hardy - what with the actor having been linked to pretty much every superhero role under the sun, from Marvel's Doctor Strange to an unnamed role in DC's Suicide Squad movie.

Fox, though, are reportedly set to steal the actor out from under the noses of Marvel Studios and Warner Bros - with recent buzz suggesting that Hardy is being sought by the studio to play the big bad in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. Specifically, to play the titular Egyptian mega-mutant himself: Apocalypse.


Known as En Sabah Nur, or 'the first one', Apocalypse's roots lie in ancient Egypt, where he was a sworn enemy of the Pharaoh Rama-Tut - partly due to his being (most likely) the first ever mutant. He then travelled the world, convincing numerous civilizations that he was a god, before eventually, in the present day, becoming a sworn enemy of the X-Men - and in particular of Cyclops and Jean Grey.

But, the big question remains: would he be a good fit for Tom Hardy? Or, rather, would Tom Hardy be a good fit for Apocalypse?


Well, that really depends on which side of Tom Hardy you're thinking about. The one pictured above, with the dapper suit and piercing eyes and what not? Maybe not so much.

This one, though?

"Hello...I'M BANE."
"Hello...I'M BANE."

Well, that one could definitely work...

After all, Hardy has...

The Crazy Eyes

And an excellent shiny head when called for...

The Physical Toughness

And the muscle mass, presumably...

The Brawling Chops

And we mean all the brawling chops...

The Thoughtful Gaze

Useful for pondering the destruction of the X-Men...

The Raw Emotion

After all, that's some seriously good eye-emoting...

The History of Beating on Heroes

And just plain breaking them...

and, of course:

The Ability to be Absolutely Terrifying

Just. So. Terrifying...

So, then, would Tom Hardy make a good Apocalypse in [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267)?

No, Bane, we weren't asking you...


What do you guys think? Would Tom Hardy make a good Apocalypse?



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