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As if an episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) wasn't heart stopping enough, now you can experience the world that Rick and the gang are living in for yourself! Universal Studio's Florida have teamed up with The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero to create the scariest haunted house imaginable.

The house has been created as part of their Halloween Horror Nights series and this year's The Walking Dead house is the biggest they've ever done. So what can you expect to see inside a Walking Dead horror house? Well, this year it retells the most terrifying events of the second half of Season 4.

Check out some of the highlights:


Beginning outside the prison you might spot a familiar character (or part of one)

Going for the shock factor straight away with poor old Hershel! Not to mention the dead walkers just scattered around.


Once you're inside, you walk through the walker infested prison and try to make it out without being bitten

Eeek! It would take balls of steel to get through that cell block without flinching. I hope they provide us with Glenn's riot gear!


From there you make your way to Terminus

Sanctuary for all, right?


First you have to get through the walker infested forest

Imagine a herd of walkers lurching toward you as you run through a forest, oh god!


And when you get there, you're confronted with a Gareth looking character...

We, first, always. Uh oh, I don't think that's good news for us.


This is one scary looking house and it looks amazing. I love seeing how many things The Walking Dead team helped out on, it truly is the best show on TV!

To see the whole Walking Dead haunted house, check out this video from Theme Park Review:


Would you be brave enough to walk through The Walking Dead horror house?

Source: Pop Watch, Halloween Horror Nights


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