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Our favorite Disney characters grew up so fast that they never got to experience the magic of prom night, but now they can!

The talented Spicy Stewed Demon of Deviant Art has dreamt up a totally star-studded guest list for a delightful Disney dance, but which characters would you crown prom king and queen?

Alice and the Mad Hatter

I guess anything can happen in Wonderland...


Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Why hire a limo when you can have a magic carpet ride?


Tarzan and Jane

Come on Tarzan, you could at least put some effort into your attire!


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Well, I guess it's not an explicit rule that you can only bring one date!


Belle and Beast

When I was a child, I cried when the majestic Beast turned into that weird girly prince, so I'm happy with this outcome!


Peter Pan and Wendy

You're guaranteed to be prom king and queen when you can literally soar over your opponents on the the dance floor!


Quasimodo and Esmeralda

I guess Phoebus was busy that night...


Bernard and Miss Bianca

These little cuties better be careful on the dance floor!


Princess Tiana and Prince Naveem

Princess Tiami is lucky she managed to squeeze in a kiss before the big date!


Rapunzel and Flynn

Rapunzel selflessly rolls out the golden carpet for the other guests!


Milo and Kida

I have a feeling some school bullies might be eating their words about Milo when they see his date.


Lilo and Stitch

I'd be upset if I had to go to prom in no pants too, Stitch.


Aurora and Prince Phillip

Aurora will be utilizing the gifts of beauty, song and true love's kiss tonight!


Who would you crown prom king and queen?


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