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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Death comes for us all in the end... we start as babies and make it as far as we can until that last, hooded figure comes for us... Great, now that's set the tone, let's talk about some seriously weird Victorian photographs.

Those guys loved taking pictures. Only trouble was, the image-taking process took a long time - over five minutes! - which is why you often see those weird, frozen expressions in Victorian pictures.

Most of us can sit still for five minutes but what about lovely little babies? Toddlers wriggle, and babies need to be supported, so the Victorians came up with a pretty darn odd solution: parents hid under sheets to hold the child still.

Check out these seriously creepy portraits...

Mother, Where Are You?

Hush, little ones, for Mother is gone and the shrouded one holds you now.


The Woman in White

The dear children, they were so happy before the figure in the cowl stole them from this mortal plain.


Attack of the Killer Sofa Cushions?

For the jaunty, fashion-conscious ghoul, this fetching shroud comes in a variety of tasteful heavy curtain materials.


You think that's creepy? Check out the ultimate morbid Victorian photos... The Post-Mortem Portrait.

Yup, those pesky relatives would keep taking snaps of you even after you died! The Victorians were also less phased by the morbid than we are now - sure, they'd have a heart attack over a saucy ankle flash, but with one in four surgeries ending in death and dreadful conditions for ordinary people, death was a more frequent part of life back then.

Here's some Victorian photos taken after death - be warned, these images could be disturbing for some people.


This boy's eyes are closed, but the Victorians would often draw open eyes onto the photo itself, or paint eyes onto the closed lids of the deceased.


I Don't Think Those Children Are Asleep...

Oh God, this is actually really horrible. I like to think that this method helped people cope with their losses - remember, it looks weird to us now, but it was pretty normal in the 19th Century.


In the Arms of the Angels

Sorry, that all progressed from spooky ghouls to actual dead people pretty quickly. I know it's weird, but this is Genuine Historical Evidence we're viewing here, people...


Yeeeesshh. I swear that last one gave me goosebumps. Old timey curiosity or icky creepy badness? Maybe a bit of both... What do you think?


Weird Victorian posed photographs... what's your verdict?

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