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Mark Newton

It's official! Zombies are now more popular than sports.

Last week's The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 pulled in 15.143 million total viewers, gaining it a 7.7 rating among the key demographics. Meanwhile, Sunday Night Football only managed a 7.0. Quite what these numbers actually mean is a secret only known unto the hallowed heads of the major television studios, but generally it does show The Walking Dead was more popular than football among 18-49 year olds.

This is the second week running that The Walking Dead has trounced the Sunday night football, although in reality, episode 2 of season 5 actually saw a 12% drop in viewers when compared to the season premiere. Furthermore, it is likely these numbers could change when additional figures - such as online viewing - are taken into account.

This is the latest record to be achieved by AMC's flagship show, although it's still got some way to go if it wants to beat the Super Bowl.


An evil overlord has taken over the world and says he will permanently get rid of either The Walking Dead or Football. Which do you vote to save?



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