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Now, I'll be honest with you guys - I'm already pretty over-excited about the existence of Star Wars Rebels. What with there being so long to wait for the arrival of next December's Star Wars Episode VII, the new Disney XD show is actually a large part of what's keeping me halfway sane and reasonable in the absence of Han goram Solo.

So, when I say to you that these new clips from the series are probably the best yet, it's possible you should take it with a pinch of salt - but my recommendation? Don't.

Because they're awesome.

As in, they're full of...

Epic Lightsaber Fights

Featuring good, evil, teenagers, and improbably cool lightsaber handles...


Awesomely Snarky Villain Quips

.. which you can check out in this first video here:

As well as just a whole bunch of...

Bad-ass Horror References

Especially to 2000's awesome Vin Diesel-starring Pitch Black...


Surprisingly Dark Jump Scares

Both of which can be found in this second clip, right here...

Plus, for your Star Wars nerding out pleasure...

Freddie Prinze Jr Geeking Out The Exact Amount We All Would

In this here interview video...

And, if that wasn't enough - there's also a shiny new featurette about the making of the series, which may not have anything quite so overtly awesome as an extended lightsaber battle in it, but in its own way, it's just as geekily fantastic...

Now, let the (slightly less painful, now) wait till next December, and [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158), begin!


What do you guys think? You down for Star Wars Rebels?

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