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Now, The Simpsons has been getting a lot darker for a while now - with the early seasons' careful disguising of adult themes and humor having long since been replaced by straight up sex-themed episodes and a surprising amount of nudity.

Which, considering the now largely-adult fanbase of the show, makes a fair bit of sense (and any lingering sadness I may have at the show losing some if its pretend innocence is, I suspect, not shared by everyone). Especially when the show's creative team throw a whole bunch of very specific, very adult, and very weird film references into the mix - like, say, by doing an entire Kubrick themed segment on the most recent Treehouse of Horror episode.

You can watch it below, but be warned, thar be...

Eyes Wide Shut Style-Orgies

Which extend all the way to aging nudity, it seems... I can't unsee that.

Thankfully, there's also...

Barry Lyndon-Style Duelling

Featuring a very swish-looking Comic-Book Guy...

2001-style Monoliths

And, of course, bone-murder.

A Scarily Straight Version of Full Metal Jacket

Just to make sure we do still have nightmares tonight, but they're not entirely orgy-filled, presumably.

Plus, of course...

The Master Himself

Who promptly scraps the whole thing.


Now, the big question: What other [Great Directors](channel:206039) should the Simpsons do an entire sequence based on?


Next Director for The Simpsons should showcase?

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