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Since the news that Scottish comedy legend Billy Connolly will be playing Dain Ironfoot in The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies, we've all been wondering how the "Big Yin" would be transformed into a Dwarf.

Connolly himself has given several clues in interviews leading up to the film's release in December, including that the production team are "basically making [him] wider" and that he has "a mohawk and tattoos on his head," as well as claiming he'll be arriving in battle on a pig.

Despite this, we have yet to see any images of Dain, which is curiosity-baiting to say the least. The good thing with blockbusters, however, is that they create merchandise. The Hobbit Lego happens to be released before the film itself, and the new set contains a miniature Dain.

It may not be a hi-res close up, but at least we get an idea of how Connolly will appear in the movie. It looks like he'll have some hefty headgear, a red beard and awesome Mithril armor.

Now, I wonder if he'll really ride into battle on a pig?

The Battle of The Five Armies will be released on the 17 December, 2014. Check out the trailer below:YIrwm68l

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Will Billy Connolly make a good Dain Ironfoot?


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