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Warning: Episode 2 spoilers ahead! If you haven't seen the latest Walking Dead episode turn back now.

The second episode of Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) screened on Sunday and it was good!

The big punches of the episode came toward the end with Carol and Daryl tearing off into the night in hopes of rescuing Beth and poor Bob, who, along with Gareth and the Termites, was part of one of the most shocking scenes from the entire series.

Firstly we were smacked in the face with the sight of this smug bastard talking to a very scared Bob.

Gareth gave a speech about "something" not being personal and told Bob "we would have done this to anybody...and we will"

And then with the horrible quote "a man's gotta eat!" Bob's legless fate was revealed

And all our suspicions of the Termites being cannibals were confirmed.

Those animals had had themselves a bob-e-que.

Go on, take another look, you know you want to:

With that shocking ending and the theories surrounding the Termites latest meal, I'm sure episode 3 will be action packed!

The Walking Dead airs Sunday on AMC.


Did the end of episode 2 shock you?

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