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Graphics "Off the charts!" in Bloodborne

Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 still reside in my own personal 'top 5 games' list. I recall it so well. I bought Dark Souls on a whim; there was nothing else in the shop, the game had some cool cover art and I was intrigued. Then I started reading reviews on my way home and realised that it was not only critically acclaimed but excruciatingly hard. "Prepare to die."

From the second I turned it on I was hooked. There is no other world like that of Dark Souls and Demon Souls. It is terrifying, punishing and therefore one of the most rewarding experiences in gaming. The wonderful thing about Tokyo studio From Software’s games — the reason they’re beloved by such a widening swathe of gamers — is that they fly in the face of a decade’s worth of design assumptions: that successful games, especially financially successful ones, must be these inviting, cosseting, mechanically anodyne things.

Dark Souls gives you the minimum amount of information with the opening cinematic, it simply sets an incredible mood and pace unlike anything else you've ever played (aside from Demon Souls of course, though I prefer the "sequels"). Within minutes you are pitched against an enemy that is far too difficult for you to fight at such an early stage and that only increases as you level up. Therefore, upon looking at Bloodborne, my level of excitement cannot be contained.

Incredible scene in Bloodborne
Incredible scene in Bloodborne

The visual presentation for upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne is "off the charts," according to PlayStation executive Scott Rohde. He is the software product development head for Sony Worldwide Studios America. Here's what he had to say on Bloodborne:

"The way it looks; just off the charts to me [...] It has, I've said this before ... there's a certain, like, wetness to that game. I don't know what other word to use. It just feels like everything is dripping and oozing with whatever it is--it's water, it's blood, it's whatever it is; and it just looks gorgeous."

According to reports, this beautiful game will be running at 1080p/30fps and is sure to utilise every aspect of power that the PS4 contains. Water is always a measure for me in video games with regards to great graphics, and with a game that is described as "wet", I think me and my PS4 are going to be getting along very well in February, 2015.

Punishing difficulty in Bloodborne


Early September this year, gamers were honoured with an opportunity to give Bloodborne a try. I tell you know, it’s with great pleasure that I’m reading a statistically irrelevant number of people managed to beat the PAX Prime show-floor demo of From Software’s upcoming ego-collapser.

Bloodborne producers Masaaki Yamagiwa and Marketer Yasuhiro Kitao broke down the demo’s play stats, just 20 people managed to beat the final antagonist, of some 3,500 people who tried (slightly more than half of one percent).

That percentage crept up slightly at the Tokyo Game Show, says DualShockers: 40 people succeeded, out of 1,250 attempts, or 3.2%. One thing From Software can always boast about is the level of difficulty that their games contain, Bloodborne is no exception. My hopes are that it surpasses Dark Souls as dying in these games is far more significant than winning.

Co-op in Bloodborne


Co-op is a brand new introduction for this kind of game. There is a revolutionary player interaction system in the Dark Souls series, but the thought of being able to traverse these environments with a friend is almost too much to handle. These were the details that Dualshockers released surrounding the co-op elements in Bloodborne:

You start co-op gameplay as a host by using the Bell of Dream Summoning from your inventory menu. An effect will appear at your character’s feet. When a player responding to the call is found the bell starts resonating and co-op gameplay will begin.

You indicate that you wish to take part in co-op as a guest by using the Small Bell of Resonating in your inventory menu. An effect will appear at your character’s feet. The bell will start to resonate as soon as a host is found, and you’ll be transferred to his world after a short while.

It's not exactly the simplest form of Co-op, but then what did we expect? It doesn't seem like it will be possible for you to simply join a friend's session, but then they have just finished the Alpha stage tests for Co-op. All in all, this game seems to be shaping up quite nicely. There's always more room for you at the top From Software!

Bloodborne will be released for PS4 on February 6th!


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