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Warning: Super-massive Walking Dead TV show and comic book spoilers coming up. If you don't want to get spoiled you should exit stage left immediately.

So, thanks to Bob's run-in with the vengeful Termites at the end of "Strangers," the mystery of what Gareth and his bunch of acolytes were really doing at Terminus has been revealed. In case you missed it, allow me to sum it up succinctly:

They eat all the people!

A bit like this...

Bob Burger
Bob Burger

The reveal that the Termites were actually cannibals and were chowing down on Bob's leg was shocking and brutal... except for those who've read the comics.

Fear the Hunters

You see, this storyline of legs being taken and stomachs being filled is lifted directly from Robert Kirkman's source material. And although the names might have changed, the action remains the same.

In the comic, Chris is the leader of the Hunters and Dale gets his leg taken, but everything else is almost a beat-for-beat adaptation. In fact, Kirkman wrote Sunday's episode and directly adapted some panels from the comic to the show.

Chris/Gareth looking all suave and menacing in a cool jacket? Check!

The moment Dale/Bob realize half a leg is missing? Check!

Killer last line:

A man's gotta eat!


Tainted Meat

So what does this mean for Bob? Well basically, it's not looking good for the recently loved-up optimist. Being the appetizer, main course, and dessert for Gareth and his cronies is not the sort of life decision that should be encouraged (not that it was really his decision to make).

Luckily, Bob has an ace up his sleeve - or rather, an infection in his skin - that the Termites don't know about.

If the show follows the comic then the reason Bob was so distraught immediately before he was kidnapped was because he'd been bitten by the Underwater Walker back at the food bank. Knowing he didn't have long until he turned, he probably went outside to take his own life, but was instead stuck on a barbecue.

The good news? His reaction when he realizes the Termites have eaten his tainted meat will be a thing of beauty. A bit like it was for Dale in the comic:

From despair to disbelief to joy:

And then the comfort of sweet, satisfying revenge:

Revenge is a dish best served... TAINTED!
Revenge is a dish best served... TAINTED!

This is one meal the Hunters had wished they'd passed on:

But this is the point where I hope the TV show deviates from the comic. In the source material, the Hunters are brutally murdered by Rick, Michonne, and Abraham quite soon after chowing down on infected leg, so we never got to discover whether the tainted meat would have had a negative effect on their health.

It would be cool if the show explored this a little more and expanded on the undead mythology. Is it possible to become a walker from ingesting infected meat? Does it make you violently sick? Or are there no negative side effects at all?

What do you guys think?


What happens if you eat tainted meat?


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